How to convert your Instagram followers to paying subscribers

Having a growing Instagram following for your business may look impressive and feel like you're getting some of the recognition you deserve, but the best way to take advantage of your growing social media community is to learn how to convert your following into paying subscribers.

With some luck and hard work, you'll have some (or lots!) of people who follow you and consume your content for free, who would be more than willing to pay for your packaged offering as a subscription. You just need to find them by consistently posting quality content and reminding them of the added benefits of becoming a subscriber instead of a passive consumer. In this playbook, we'll go over some of the best conversion tactics to turn those followers into subscribers.

In this playbook

Conversion tactics

Now that you've practiced sharing great content and know what speaks to your audience, you've got to implement some conversation tactics to transform followers into subscribers. Remember converting your audience isn't a one-and-done deal when you're providing subscriptions. You've got to consider that your subscribers will stick with you through thick and thin so getting them over the hump from passively consuming your content to a long-term engaged community member makes the conversion that much more worthwhile.

There is no correct step-by-step process to seamlessly converting your audience into subscribers. A lot of the work you'll have to do is to test different initiatives and see what resonates so it's important to take note of what's working and what isn't.

This section will walk you through some of the best conversion tactics you can test out on your Instagram strategy to find and convert followers into subscribers.