Welcome givers of knowledge! We’re so glad you’re excited to start a subscription plan on Subkit. You will benefit twofold:

1.) With a lucrative ongoing new revenue stream

2.) By creating a subscription plan, you’re turning students and readers into a member community and your personal brand is about to grow in new and meaningful ways

In this playbook, you’ll find...

Successful subscriptions for educators & writers

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Instead of surf courses with end dates or a philosurfy e-book, Dion is earning over $43,000USD annually on Subkit through his monthly subscription plans.

At Subkit we believe that you deserve ongoing, low-stress income and an ever-growing community of students and readers. No more running exhausting 6 week courses or only collecting one-time-payments from e-books.

Over time, your subscription on Subkit will evolve as it grows and you learn more about your community. But it’s usually best to start with the heart of your Subscription plan and build from there. For those of you trying to migrate a course and/or e-book, this is usually through experiences and content.

Successful experience subscriptions for educators

Whoever said education has an end date was mistaken. Rather than sweat for a short period, why not enjoy leading an ongoing community while making a new monthly income?

The subscription model isn’t just good for the entrepreneur, either, it’s also good for your subscribers. In 2022 people are used to things being digestible. Ongoing education is much preferable to intense learning stints.

Successful content subscriptions for educators